Newborn Photography is the photography which focuses on taking pictures of an infant that would display his/her mood, expression, and or personality.

This type of photography usually done on babies which are aged between 5-12 days since they are posed when they are asleep, and babies who are two weeks or more old tend to wake more easily and spend more time awake each day. In addition to that, newborns are much more bendy, floppy, and squishy which makes them perfect for gentle and adorable positions and poses.

Occasionally, there will be people who would want their babies who are older than two weeks of age. This okay but their babies will not curl up as much as infants who are less than 12 days old or would like to have their clothes off. Babies in and above this age are usually photographed already dressed, awake, handheld by their parent/parents, and or nicely tucked in a basket. You can also learn more about newborn photography by checking out the post at

Newborn Photographer Brisbane, no matter how good or skilled they are at photography, still have to undergo training when they are thinking of engaging themselves into newborn photography. This is because newborns or infants are very fragile and delicate and must be handled with correctness and care. They can suffer from a lot of things such as circulation and muscle strain problems since they cannot tell you when they are not comfortable which gives you the responsibility to take care of them at all times. The correct training includes the teaching of safe handling techniques of infants, general safety, how to see if a baby is not happy for various reasons, and other important newborn stuff.

Sessions for newborn photography are on average 3 to 4 hours. The session involves settling the infant, cuddling the infant, reading for the infant, soothing the infant for sleep, and finally gently posing the infant for the shot. The time taken for the session will depend on the baby, that is why it is essential for the photography to have training

There are two types of newborn photography done by expert Brisbane Newborn Photographer in which parents can choose from - posed/studio and lifestyle.

Posed/studio sessions are done within the first 2 weeks of birth, the time wherein babies are very sleepy and bendy. This type focuses on shots of the baby looking serene and perfect, usually with wraps, hats, blankets and headbands.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are a bit more casual when it comes to newborn photography. The intention of this style is to catch the natural images of the baby and their home. This can be done to babies that are up to 6 weeks old.